Weslo Cadence g5.9 Treadmill Instructions For Stroke Patients

Weslo Cadence g5.9 Treadmill
Weslo Cadence g5.9 treadmill is the ideal tool for losing weight fast and helping you improve your performance. With an easy to change incline, the intensity of your workouts will be greater and so will the results. Nonetheless, in spite of the benefits that it offers in terms of weight loss and fitness results, it is crucial to follow all the instructions given. This is because these instructions hold the key to your safety while working out and also the results you would like to see.

Some of the instructions that ought to bear in mind once the treadmill arrives at your doorstep are given below:

1. Before you begin any exercise routine based on the treadmill, it is best to consult a doctor. This is especially important to those who have attained the age of 35 or beyond as well as people with pre-existing medical conditions.

2. If any other persons will be relying on the treadmill for their exercise needs, it is your responsibility as its owner to let them know of the safe ways of using it. On the following article you can find out how to use it safely.

3. The treadmill ought to be kept indoors to prevent the action of moisture and dust against it. The partially covered patio or other place next to water are definitely not appropriate storage locations for the machine.

4. The treadmill ought to be placed on a flat surface in a manner that the free flow of air to the machine is not inhibited. You might also want to protect your floor from damage by placing a mat underneath the mat.

5. It is not safe to use the treadmill at a place where oxygen administration is being done or aerosols are being used. At the same time, always ensure that children aged 14 and below as well as pets are kept away from the treadmill at all times.

6. The treadmill should not be used by people who weigh more than 125kg. In that case, you can try treadmills from Sole. Sole F80 is one of the best treadmills in the market.

7. Whenever you are using the treadmill, be sure that you are wearing the right kind of clothes. Wear athletic shoes and never mount on it in bare feet, in stocking or sandals. You should not wear loose clothes that could somehow get stuck in the treadmill as you train.

8. Only use the treadmill with a surge processor that has been specified in the manual of the machine. If you use a non-recommended processor, the control system of the machine could just be destroyed.

9. The treadmill should never be started when you are standing on the walking belt. At the same time, you ought to bear in mind the fact that the treadmill is capable of high speeds. The speed should be adjusted gradually to avoid jumps.

10. The treadmill has a heart rate monitor which should never be mistaken for a medical device. At the same time, there are several things that could influence the accuracy of the monitor.

Of course, you will only know all the instructions for the use of this treadmill when you carefully study the manual. Be sure to do this before you begin to use it.

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