My Comfort Food Fix

Life is a funny way of derailing plans and changing courses quickly. I am so excited to have this new blog as a place to share my life & style with the world but I may have a little bit (or a lot) less time to write than I had hoped. The reason? Well, I am not quite ready to share that just yet but it is a very positive thing and just one of a few reasons for my lack of time.

Comfort Food Fix by Ellie KriegerWhile I do have some time I wanted to share a great new book I discovered about a week ago while I was on a quest to find a way to eat healthier and save some money by eating at home. My biggest problem with the whole “healthy eating” thing is that most of the food is just not my style. I grew up with a very very simple diet so my style is comfort food, not exactly “healthy” in a box.

Lucky for me I found the perfect book called Comfort Food Fix by Ellie Krieger. Inside is a variety of snacks, breakfast, dinners, vegetarian dishes, and deserts that we all know and love but made in a healthier, but tasty, way. Not only are the recipes designed to be less calories, they are made to have more all around nutritional value to help you create a more balanced meal.

Each recipe contains the serving size, calories, saturated fat, cholesterol, fiber and sodium. Honestly, just having a recipe with a calorie count and serving size has been huge for me. My biggest challenge with eating out or home made meals (ya know, things not out of a box?) has been trying to keep track of how many calories I am taking in.

The first recipe I tried was DELICIOUS, it’s called Hamburger Healthier, a healthier spin on a classic comfort food favorite Hamburger Helper. Not only did I not feel like I was eating healthy I couldn’t even eat an entire serving size (2 1/2 cups!). I am really excited to try some more recipes and work on my cooking skills a bit.

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