A Look At Some Successful Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries

Cosmetic plastic surgeries can be both a boon and a bane. It depends on various factors and blaming or praising the plastic surgeons alone is not the ultimate way of looking at a botched up or successful plastic surgery. However, being on the positive side, let us try and get some information about a few plastic surgeries which have gone extremely well on two well known celebrities.

Kenny Rogers

Those who have been in lovers of country music would certainly have come across the name, Kenny Rogers. He has created a place for him in the field of country music, which not many will be able emulate. He is without any doubt aged but that does not mean that he should give up looking good. As a celebrity, he has all the more reasons to ensure that he takes steps to enhance his looks and appearances, despite his age. He has gone through a number of plastic surgeries, which are worth mentioning.

He has undergone a full course of botox injections and if one looks at the photos before and after the botox treatment, there is no doubt that this procedure has certainly yielded some positive results. Apart from this, he also has also undergone an extensive facelift and eyelid surgery, all of which have, without any doubt, played a big role in enhancing his overall looks. They have help camouflage his age, quite brilliantly.

Lauren Holly

Lauren Holly is another well known celebrity who has been endowed with very good looks by nature. However, to keep pace with her ageing process, she, without any doubt, has gone through a number of plastic surgeries. Her breast augmentation surgery is something which one needs to look at, from close quarters. She now has perfect sized and shaped breasts, which are in total sync with her body features. Even at this age with her new look breasts she certainly titillates quite a few men. It has increased her fan following and most of her fans would be guys.

Going by the above two success stories, there is every reason to believe that breast surgeries, face lifts, eyelid surgeries and other such cosmetic plastic surgeries are now becoming very common. Even ordinary people who are not in any way related to stardom are willing to spend thousands of dollars on such beauty enhancements techniques and tools. While there is nothing wrong with it, one has to be careful to ensure that they are done by the right plastic surgeons. All the positives and negatives need to be factored in so that it ends in the most successful manner. The process should not be hurried through, under any circumstances. A lot of information and knowledge must be acquired before actually taking a final call on such effective but risk laden procedures and processes.

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