Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Before and After

Farrah Abraham born 31st of May 1991 in Omaha, Nebraska, is an author, reality star, a model and an aspiring musician. She featured for four seasons in the series Pregnant and Teen Mom and she also starred on the MTV series 16. As an aspiring musician she has also released a couple of experimental pop songs.

The actress has also featured in adult pornography and also filmed adult movie alongside a porn star known as James Deen. The actress is best known for her appearance on MTV film Teen Mom. She is a single mum to her four year old girl, Sophia whose father died in a car crash before she was born.

Farrah Abraham Speculations of plastic Surgery

Farrah Abraham

The fans of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom admit that more has changed over years about the actress and her fellow cast crew other than their growing boyfriends and Tots. With critics admitting that she underwent Nose Job and chin implants. With many people having watched the Teen Mom, they support that not only Farrah underwent these surgical procedure but also some of her mate like Janelle who undertook breast augmentation.

Breast Implants

Unlike other celebrities, Farrah openly agreed that she underwent surgery to enhance her appearance. She admitted her love for the surgical procedures and during one of her interviews she announced that she had breast implants before she was 21 years old. The reason she opted for breast enlargement was that she wanted a perfect match to her rest of the body. She openly admitted that she wasn’t happy with her first breast implants she underwent in 2011 and opted for a second implant procedure in 2013 that cost her $5000 and $7000 respectively. However some of her fans criticized her about the decision claiming that the boobs looked big for her slim body.

Rhinoplasty and Chin Implants

Based on what she said during a media interview, Farrah admitted having had Rhinoplasty at the age of 21.This was the first procedure she actually got, and after which she received a chin implant at the same age which incurred her cost of $16,000 US dollars. However she opted for removal of her chin implants a year after she had implant operation due to the pressure by the family members who informed her that she appeared very unnatural.

Lip Injections

Farrah Abraham in 2013 opted for lip injections alongside her other surgeries. The poor lip injection procedure almost ruined her natural and fresh look. This is evidenced by her photos that she shared on her social media with her top lip so inflated that she had to be rushed to the ER. However was quick to rectify the surgery gone badly by saying that she had an allergic reaction to the lip injection she had received.

Farrah Abraham Surgical results

Most of the actress surgical procedures were a success; ranging from breast implants, chin implants and nose job; however the lip injection almost went astray a procedure that almost cost her life. Thanks to these surgical treatments she has gained popularity in the film industry. She admits that she has more surgical she still has to undergo butt enhancement though she is worried of the injections.

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