The Multiple Surgeries of Paula White: A Journey of Depression and Plastic Surgeries

There are lots of celebrities who have gone under the knife and have either accepted or denied it. Amongst the latter category, falls Paula White. Rumors are all around about Paula White’s plastic surgery. Despite her denial of the rumors about going under the knife repeatedly her before and after pictures of hers tell a different story altogether.

Paula White

Though Paula has attributed her flawless skin to a wide range of makeup products; there is a significant doubt about her claims; with her ex husband, Randy White going out to point out how Paula had embezzled money from the church to support her surgery addictions and her shopping addiction.

In the modern world of HD, nothing goes unnoticed by the media. Consequently, celebrities are often under immense pressure to look good on and off the lens as every moment of their private lives are documented by the media. Amidst all this pressure, here is an added burden of appealing to the audience and holding the attention of the audience since the audience determines the death of the celebrities’ careers. With all this pressure to appear sensual and attractive while keeping the natural effects of aging at bay, celebrities often have no choice but to take matters into their own hands; more specifically, in their doctors’ hands.

It would be worth to mention that, many celebrities lost their entire career because of bad plastic surgeries. Nikki Cox is an examples of such celebrity and her case is really a sad one.

Who is Paula White?

Before proceeding further, we should get to know about the public life of Paula White. Born on April 20, 1966 in Mississippi, US, Paula White is an International Christian Evangelist and author, teacher, philanthropist and televangelist. Moreover, she is the Senior Pastor at the New Destiny Christian Centre, Florida. She hosts a television show called Paula White Today and is the co-pastor of Without Walls International Church along with her ex-husband Randy White.

Paula White has received a number of very prestigious awards for her field of work that includes the Rosa Parks Lifetime Achievement Award, Impact Leadership Award, Humanitarian Award by Trumpet Award Foundation, Behind the Bench “Mind, Body, Spirit Award” from NBA Wives Organization and the Trailblazer Award from the Jesse Jackson and Rainbow Coalition.

She is also the author of books like ‘He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not’, ‘ See Me, Hear Me, Know me’ co-authored by Randy White, ‘Birthing Your Dreams: God’s Plan for Living Victoriously’, ‘Daily Treasures(Words of Wisdom for the Power-Filled Life)’, ‘Simple Suggestions For a Sensational Life!’, ‘Deal with It!’, ‘You’re All That!’, ‘The Ten Commandments of Health and Wellness’ and “Move on, move up’.
Body Statistics

Personal Data

Full name- Paula White
Net worth- $5 million
Profession- Author
Nationality- USA
Marital position- Married

– Credit: wikipedia

Talks on Paula White’s Plastic Surgeries

Paula White has been rumored to have undergone a number of plastic surgeries in order to keep her appearance beautiful in front of the camera. She has been rumored to have had multiple plastic surgeries on her face, which includes a cheek implant, lip filler and Botox for her eye region. One of the most disturbing pieces of information is the fact that whilst Paula was absorbed in the beautification process of her own, her step-daughter, Kristen Renee was suffering from brain cancer and was terminally ill.

It has been debated how a person preaching about God can spend time absorbed in narcissism whilst her step-daughter was suffering and led to a lot of negative views from both the critics and her followers as well. Paula is said to have suffered a period of intense depression, which led to the obsession with improving her appearance with the help of surgeries. However, this only led to a number of negative reviews, which pushed her deeper into the world of depression and made her seek more and more surgeries.

Paula White is reported to be continuing with her obsession post her divorce from Randy White and apart from these procedures also has regular Botox injections to maintain her youthful appearance. However, Paula herself has denied all rumors of her plastic surgeries and has attributed all her changes to the power of makeup. Whether she does admit it or is reluctant to fearing the criticism that is guaranteed to bring to a woman whose profession is that of a life coach; the before and after photos of hers do not lie. Some would even go as far as to say that she looks nothing like her old self.

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